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It is common sense that a healthy lifestyle will make you feel better and simply live longer, but why does a healthy lifestyle make you healthier?

How to live a healthy lifestyle so you can enjoy all it’s benefits?This article speaks about that!

Your body is a complex set of systems that strive for balance. When your body is in balance you feel good and are healthy. Each system must work in harmony for you to be at your optimum health. When your body is out of balance you not only feel bad, but you are more susceptible to illness and disease. One of the biggest benefits of a healthy lifestyle is maintaining this balance and following good habits.





A healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Eating the right foods, getting plenty of exercise and having a positive attitude are the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. Include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, low fat protein sources, and whole wheat bread and pasta, and drink at least 8 glasses of water to have a healthy diet.

The American Heart Association recommends you get 30 minutes of exercise at least three times a week. Of course you should not smoke, take illegal drugs or abuse alcohol. Find enjoyable hobbies and try to look on the positive side of life. You will get down in the dumps once in a while, but try not to stay there. All of these things will add up to a healthy lifestyle and you will reap the benefits.

Healthy Mind/Healthy Body
You are more than just a collection of bodily systems. Your personality and mind play an important part of your overall health. Studies by leading universities have found a correlation between a positive attitude and your overall heal and how fast you heal from injury and disease. Another interesting finding is that people who are engaged in a spiritual life heal faster and can handle stress better than non-spiritual people.

Anyone can benefit from meditation. Meditation helps you to find your center and quiet your mind. A positive attitude is also very beneficial to your health. It can boost your immune system and protect you from catching every bug that comes along. The American Heart Association recommends regular exercise to boost your mental abilities. The reasons for this include an increased blood flow to the brain and release of the “feel good” hormones from exercise.

Keep Your Blood Flowing
Your circulatory system will benefit from a healthy lifestyle in many ways. When you eat right and get exercise your oxygen levels increase. This gives your body’s cells the energy they need to perform at their peak level. A healthy lifestyle prevents heart disease by keeping your arteries and blood vessels strong and elastic. Regular exercise strengthens your heart and lungs keeping your body fit.

A healthy diet low in fat and sugar can prevent the build up of plaque in your blood vessels and reduce your risk for heart attacks and strokes. It also keeps your cholesterol and triglyceride levels normal, another important preventative measure to prevent heart disease.

Strengthen Your Bones
Strong bones support your body and prevent osteoporosis. Your bones are the framework of your body and keeping them strong is important. When you lead a healthy lifestyle a good diet and exercise will strengthen your bones.

Getting enough calcium and minerals is important to build and maintain your bones. The Mayo Clinic reports that regular exercise not only builds muscle, but strengthens bones.

Breathe Easier
People who do not smoke have a much lower incidence of asthma and respiratory conditions. Men have a 23 times greater risk for lung cancer and women have a 13 times greater risk if they smoke than non-smokers. Smoking increases your risk for heart disease by 200 to 400 percent. Not smoking is just part of a health lifestyle, check some reasons to quit smoking.

Regular exercise increases your lung capacity and strengthens your lungs. It keeps your airways clear and helps prevent respiratory issues. When your lungs work better you bring in more oxygen which increases your overall health throughout your entire body.

Better Digestion
A diet high in fiber, low in fat and low in sugar helps your digestive system work well. An adequate amount of water also helps waste travel through your digestive system. Exercise increases the action of your digestive system because much of the action of your intestines depends upon the action of the surrounding muscles. When you exercise regularly your body burns the calories you consumes and gets rid of waste more efficiently.

It’s Never Too Late
It’s never too late to start a healthy lifestyle. It is not hard to develop healthy habits. It just takes commitment and education. Research your options to start living a healthy lifestyle and develop a plan to get your body in its peak condition. You will feel better, look better and have a better quality of life.

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